Monday, October 13, 2008

Dog days of Summer

Today the news said that it was the coldest day in the history of the Central Valley. It was record breaking! I guess summer is over and the vacation never happened and the times at the beach will have to wait till next year.

I love summer. With out a doubt it is the best season for me and now that it is gone, I am a little sad. I get my kids half time and when they are not with me, I am very lonely. I stay home, listen to music, or facebook in my spare time. (Who would have thought that Facebook could be used as a verb?) About 4 months ago I was sent the following email:

Greetings friends,

This is a dog story. We need help.

About a month ago we adopted a pit bull terrier who was in distress and roaming our neighborhood. The dog was a great dog; loving, obedient, well mannered. We thought we had found the perfect dog...

Unfortunately "Rusty" had a hidden defect, he was an escape artist, I am talkin a "dadgum Houdini". We have a back yard that has a waterfall that unfortunately makes our back fence a whopping three feet high, child's play for this boy.

We have invested in a chip, had the boy neutered, all his shots, and some really great chew toys. Unfortunately, we are the wrong address for this dog. With the right kennel, dog run, or fenced (and I do mean FENCED) yard or patio, Rusty will make someone a great family pet.

He is not aggressive towards people (has been absolutely great with our grand kids). I am not sure how he would do with other dogs (have not tested him off the leash). My guess is that it would take time for him to warm up to another dog. Cats? Forget it!

If you are interested or have someone you know who might be interested, please give me a call at xxx-xxxx. The dog is free to a good home. We are putting an add in the paper tomorrow for $50.00 (just to screen out undesirables).

Any ideas that you might have concerning how to find this boy a good home, would be greatly appreciated.


I responded to the email and the next day my kids and I had a new member of our family.

Rusty is the best dog that a lonely dad can have. And the above statement about being an escape artist is true! Houdini. Copperfield, Blane, they have nothing on Rusty the Pit Bull. This dog can be changed in the house and still find away to escape. Thank God that we have the microchip. We have used it twice and are truly greatful.

Every boy needs a dog. And if your dog prays for you, then all the better. Rusty! Welcome home.

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susanna said...

My boys would kill for a dog. But at this point we are saying it's a no go. :) Looks like you are in for some good times. :)