Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Con Funk Shun

When I was a kid I would spend a lot of time with my Dads side of the family in the East Bay Area. My dad was the oldest of 5 brothers and my uncles were more like my brothers than my uncles. I used to listen to all of their music on my Uncle Joel's HiFi Stereo system. My uncle had the best collection of Bay Area Recording Artists. Santana, Tower of Power, Doobie Brothers and Con Funk Shun.  My friend Tene Shake invited me to Yoshi's in San Francisco to hear Con Funk Shun and I jumped at the opportunity.  My Uncle Joel passed away at age 60 just a week before the concert and I had to hear the band for a little nostalgia. Not only did they sound amazing but they sound better than I remember. Tene invited me to meet with Felton and I was honored when he asked me to be in a photo to promote LiveTrax. Felton is a Grammy Award winning producer and performer and I will be even more honored when he produces my CD in the future. 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

All good things come to an end. :-(

She said that she could not adjust to a blended family. Single Parent Survival will be up and running again soon.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

She said yes!!!

The song in my heart began to sing again. I asked Lana to marry me on Dec. 18th. and the answer was yes. I only wished it would have been 3 months and a day earlier so I could have shared the news with Sanppy.

Snappy Pappy and other Joys of life.

Taps was played, the angels sang and Snappy danced with his Savior on Sept 18th 2010.
I will always miss you Snappy.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Sometimes you need to get a Sitter

Sawyer my oldest is now a freshman in High School and though all of my kids get along fairly well, I would choose not to give him the responsibility of watching his younger siblings. Parker age 12 has Asperger's Syndrome and Alexa is 10. Kids at that age will get in arguments and quarrel regardless of Asperger's Syndrome. So there are times that you need to get a sitter so you can go out on the town with the hottest of ladies and not have to worry as much.

Lana is such an amazing lady and I am blessed to be her man. She looks at life as a mother of a cancer survivor. (Her Daughter has been Cancer free since 4 years old and is now 12) When your child is diognosed with a terminal disease, your outlook is different and the little things that would bother most, do not bother her because she has been through so much. Last week we went to the Stanislaus County Society for Handicapped Fund Raiser. http://www.societyforhandicapped.org/ It was a black tie event but when you cannot afford a tux, you go to Ross and pick out a really nice tie for $9.99 and make it look like a million.

Lana, Thanks for a wonderful time and thank you for making me look so good. I thank God daily that you are in my life. I love you so much!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Summer is coming and my gut is huge!!!

It started on Thanksgiving and never stopped! In fact, Newtons law was in full effect and my body stayed at rest. Let me back up even further! I met an amazing lady about 2 years ago and started hanging out with her on June 16th and never stopped. When I met her I was 200lbs. Give or take a few bags of Chips and Salsa (Which BTW is the greatest food ever created! I just can't stop once I start.)

She asked me out to a cooking party that was at a friends house. She told me that it would be fun and she would like it if I could accompany her. What's a single guy to do when you get asked out by a hot single successful Christian business woman? You accept the invite and hope that it goes well. It went well! As a father of three incredible kids, I need to be careful of who I date, who I am seen with and I have to be on good behavior all the time. The Apostle Paul wrote: "Watch your life and doctrine closely. That way you can save yourself and the three amazing kids that God entrusted you with." SPRSV (Single Parent Revised Standard Version) We went out a second time and a third time and we have never stopped going out! There is a by-product to the great times and that is my size! I have gained 24 lbs. since I started going out with her. Here is a picture of me when we first started dating. I don't look too bad but still at this weight I am about 10lbs over weight according to the BMI that Kaiser has. I decided to not only start an exercise program today but I also decided to blog my exercise efforts and my set backs. As always these blogs will be done as first drafts and with no post publishing edits.

BTW The amazing lady that I am dating makes me so happy and loves me for who I am. I am truly blessed to be in her company. She likes me for the way that God made me. With all of my defects and insecurities. God! Thank you so much for bringing her into my life but forgive me for being so happy that I now look like this. I will keep posting as inspiration hits me.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Dog days of Summer

Today the news said that it was the coldest day in the history of the Central Valley. It was record breaking! I guess summer is over and the vacation never happened and the times at the beach will have to wait till next year.

I love summer. With out a doubt it is the best season for me and now that it is gone, I am a little sad. I get my kids half time and when they are not with me, I am very lonely. I stay home, listen to music, or facebook in my spare time. (Who would have thought that Facebook could be used as a verb?) About 4 months ago I was sent the following email:

Greetings friends,

This is a dog story. We need help.

About a month ago we adopted a pit bull terrier who was in distress and roaming our neighborhood. The dog was a great dog; loving, obedient, well mannered. We thought we had found the perfect dog...

Unfortunately "Rusty" had a hidden defect, he was an escape artist, I am talkin a "dadgum Houdini". We have a back yard that has a waterfall that unfortunately makes our back fence a whopping three feet high, child's play for this boy.

We have invested in a chip, had the boy neutered, all his shots, and some really great chew toys. Unfortunately, we are the wrong address for this dog. With the right kennel, dog run, or fenced (and I do mean FENCED) yard or patio, Rusty will make someone a great family pet.

He is not aggressive towards people (has been absolutely great with our grand kids). I am not sure how he would do with other dogs (have not tested him off the leash). My guess is that it would take time for him to warm up to another dog. Cats? Forget it!

If you are interested or have someone you know who might be interested, please give me a call at xxx-xxxx. The dog is free to a good home. We are putting an add in the paper tomorrow for $50.00 (just to screen out undesirables).

Any ideas that you might have concerning how to find this boy a good home, would be greatly appreciated.


I responded to the email and the next day my kids and I had a new member of our family.

Rusty is the best dog that a lonely dad can have. And the above statement about being an escape artist is true! Houdini. Copperfield, Blane, they have nothing on Rusty the Pit Bull. This dog can be changed in the house and still find away to escape. Thank God that we have the http:www.homeagain.com microchip. We have used it twice and are truly greatful.

Every boy needs a dog. And if your dog prays for you, then all the better. Rusty! Welcome home.